His birth at 900m altitude in a Yogui community brought him closer to the connection with the divinity from a very young age. As a father swami and mother as a yoga teacher, Ravi Ramoneda’s childhood was linked to music and spiritual growth.

He attended with his parents to the first concerts and Bhakti & Kirtan Yoga ceremonies, which awakened him interest in both percussion and guitar.

As a teenager he discovered the didgeridoo, aboriginal instrument from Australia that he uses for meditation and healing. Deep into this process, he started to learn harmonics singing and he noticed the healing power of the voice.

In 2003 Ravi Ramoneda joined the percussionist group named “Makumba group”, experience which enriched him at his learning on rhythm and percussion. At the same time he went in depth into the study of the Indian Tabla, percussion instrument from the North of India, where he travelled to delve into its learning. Ravi keeps big memories playing the board with one of his first Narayani groups (2005-2007).

In 2005, with the aim of finding his own way, he travelled to India for the first time, where he was spiritually introduced with his Masters Sri Kalki Bhagavan and Sri Padmavati Amma, who sealed on his heart the devotion seed or Bhakti and the conviction about the music is one of his big life presents and the main vehicle to communicate his experience which is alive at his heart. Ravi felt that the best way to grow up his experience is to share it in his concerts.

From that moment his musical path took a new direction growing in an impressive way for the upcoming years. His peace message, inner freedom and consciousness awakening is what prevails at this path, focusing specially on the mantras singing, Kirtan and the “world music” style.

From this intention, in 2008 the Onessound group was created and Ravi started to travel around Europe performing concerts and workshops about Kirtan Yoga and Sound Healing, having a big success from the beginning.

Among his best experiences at this period, it is worth mentioning the satisfaction of having played with musics and groups as Dave Stringer, Peia, Sudha, Jai Uttal, Gaura Vani and Tina Malia. Additionally, the honour of having collaborated with big celebrities of the spiritual movement in the world such as Matha Amritanandamai Amma or Sri Ravi Shankar and many other Yoga masters such as Dharma Mitra, Sylvie Trembley, Andrei Ram, Twee Merrigan, Simon Park and Xuan Lan.

Currently he keeps testing the music fusion of different cultures, specially both eastern and western. Always opened to discover new sounds such as the one from the Hang, which is an innovative and amazing instrument of melodic percussion that he plays at most live concerts around the world and that it’s included in all his CDs.

In parallel to his musical career, his interest for the knowledge of the human being and his absolute comfort drove him to discover his own potential at the healing field, based on his studies for more than 10 years in Chinese Traditional Medicine, Shiatsu, Cranial Osteopathy, Biodynamic Craniosacral, and The Reconnection© as the main ones, which made him understand his job from a therapeutic and holistic perspective.

Ravi Ramoneda thanks the didgeridoo, the harmonics singing, the vedic and devotional singing from India, the mantra power in “sanskrit” (Indian sacred language), the sufi music, the shamanic singing and rituals and, specially, the guru grace…which allowed him for carrying out his purpose.

All together helped him to progress in the knowledge of the sound therapeutic power and in the self-healing and significant potential of the voice and the bio-rhythm. Within the combination of Masterclass and Immersions which he gives, it is highlighted the work which he named as The voice and the sound©, where he combines the musical aspects of the voice with both evolutionary and self-healing ability of the human being through the singing and the inner silence.

His passion is to play music with the clear intention of helping people to achieve states of deep connection with their inside and with the divinity. The public is always invited to sing and to experience how the peace and calm surface naturally during and after the concert:

“Letting go the mind language and opening the heart language we find ourselves in an state of pure communication between the artist and the audience, between humans and nature, between this world and the big mystery. The music is one of those big vehicles”.